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Meta Trails

An interactive galactic
learning experience

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Just ME

Single Space Cadet?


My Meta Trail is designed for self learners and is ideal for individuals who are trying to gain some new skills in their free time.

  • Completely Free

  • 20 Unique courses to take:

    CSS Grids, Design, Git,Heroku, HTML & CSS, iOs, Javascript, RubyMotion, Refactoring, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sass, SQL, Testing, Typography, Tmux, UNIX, Vim, Visual Principles, Web Design

  • Track up to 6 skills at a time

  • Share your progress with friends

Me & My TEAM

Educating a team?


Team Meta Trail is designed for businesses or teams that are trying to educate several individuals at once.

  • Personalize learning sets for every team member

  • Tools for creating your own courses and curriculums

  • Track an unlimited number of skills per individual

  • Detailed overview of everyone's progress

  • Only pay once per team member