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Curate curriculums to educate new teammates

Keep track of what everyone is learning!

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Team Trail

Full Control Teaching.
but easy.

The Team Meta Trail offers control and insight into how your team learns and progresses, giving you the tools you need to encourage and manage team development.

Teaching multiple members of a team at once can be a messy process. Not everyone learns at the same speed and there is no one-size-fits-all approach that can guarantee that everyone is on the same page at the same time

Team Trails is aiming to make educating your team a smoother and more efficient process. It helps you teach your team members the specific skills they need while giving you a full overview of everyone's individual progress so that you can better allocate your resources and time.

Manage Who's Learning What

Create profiles and manage what courses or curriculums each member is enrolled in.

Full Overview

Track everyone's individual learning progress. Compare progress betweeen individuals or teams. Filter which team members to track. Get a complete view of the average team progress.

Custom Learning Curriculums

Create special Curriculums for whole sections of your team. Educate team members for specific job roles or skill-sets quickly and easily.

Create your own courses

Set up new courses that are tailored for your company. Share specialized knowledge between team members

Printable Progress Reports

Get detailed individual progress reports that you can share both digitally and physically.

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